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The Wonderful Advantages of Rosacea-Ltd

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them."

Dr. Albert Einstein

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Many existing Rosacea-Ltd users had been frustrated for many years from unsuccessful or marginal results from other rosacea treatments and products. Many of you will note that prescribed rosacea treatments such as steroids, retinoids, accutane, and various light laser treatments for rosacea do not work for you and, in fact, these treatments may cause additional damage to the skin. The oral and topical antibiotic treatments for acne rosacea can work for up to several months before the bacteria become immune to the antibiotic, causing the antibiotic to no longer be effective. You will be amazed as your rosacea improves by reading and ordering Roacea-Ltd III from this site, or you may visit our U.S. site at Rosacea-Ltd.Com which has wonderful information and a product that provides great satisfaction for rosacea sufferers.



Adult Acne: Rosacea can co-exist with adult acne. Adult Acne, sometimes referred to as Acne Rosacea involves the presence of acne pimples, with or without papules. Acne rosacea is definitely food related and stress related, and also may be allergy related. And in women adult acne may be related to hormones. Acne rosacea often evolves from an irritated acne skin that has been abused with aggressive prolonged acne treatment. Acne-Ltd III
effectively improves the appearance of acne, adult acne, and acne rosacea which usually develops in the 30's to 40's and the treatment is more delicate as often what improves the acne further stresses the rosacea.

Rosacea-Ltd III can be used by those with rosacea, acne or seborrheic dermatitis skin conditions ranging from mild to severe. To view rosacea pictures of what we would consider more severe cases, consider these images (picture of the face of a man with rosacea, picture of the face of a woman with rosacea). Please remember that these pictures of rosacea sufferers are severe cases.

Rosacea can be solved without with logical assistance and medical conmmon sense. You can become very knowledgeble about rosacea and the treatment of your rosacea. Many medications for rosacea such as steroids, retnoids or laser / light treatments have been very damaging. If you will just think, is the object of solving your already sensitive rosacea skin problem solved by removing more skin to already damaged sensitive rosacea skin ? And when you think that "seeing a change and 'hoping' that the pain will result in a pleasant effect is not very rewarding. Rosacea sufferers have been damaged with months or years to recover from these very aggressive rosacea treatments. Please avoid them at all cost. You will find some excellent reading about these at the International Rosacea Foundation
which will be most helpful in selecting rosacea products. And we are happy that Rosacea-Ltd III is recommended therewithin their site. As you have learned by your own experience, antibiotics, retnoids, Accutane, and steroids have not been successful on your own rosacea treatment, yet they are the main rosacea treatments still in use. Prescribed rosacea treatments have not yielded the results that you expected and often set you back further then when you first began your rosacea treatment. Also oral and topical antibiotic treatments for rosacea are only for several months and they affect the entire body system. So read the International Rosacea Foundation for a good summary of various rosacea treatments effectiveness.


It just seems that so much research has been completed but without much effectiveness in providing a good rosacea treatment for the rosacea sufferer. Are researchers that behind or do they 'not' want to find a low cost solution? Rosacea is the 'red tip of the iceberg' as there are other body functions being altered by an overly acidic body. Use pH paper and keep your urine pH in the range of 6.8 if possible. Usually tap water is the best way to raise pH as tap or your home faucet 'natural' water has a higher pH than anything else that you can eat or drink.

Rosacea-Ltd III will improve rosacea, ocular rosacea and adult acne rosacea. Since 1997, over 98% of our Rosacea-Ltd customers confirm that Rosacea-Ltd is extremely effective in reducing the facial redness associated with rosacea as well as dilated facial vessels and rosacea-related papules. And an unusual distinction over other rosacea medications is that Rosacea-Ltd also greatly improves the sebborheic dermatitis and acne that often co-exists with rosacea. This rosacea site is written for our Rosacea-Ltd III International customers. United States customers, please go to www.rosacea-ltd.com


Buy with Confidence as you Limit your Rosacea:

  • Rosacea-Ltd III offers a 120-day unconditional 100% refund. We're not satisfied unless you are satisfied.
  • Rosacea-Ltd III has been on the market since 1997
  • Rosacea-Ltd III has medical patents throughout the world.
  • Rosacea-Ltd III has a low cost of $84.00 for a twelve-month supply which includes shipping and handling world-wide.
  • We provide Secure Online Ordering
  • invented by a Johns Hopkins M.D., further trained at Harvard Beth Israel, Massachusetts General, and U.Pa. Philadelphia.

Read More about Rosacea-Ltd III:

You will receive ONE of 18 different Letters of Instructions for different rosacea skin types. Each letter will be modified to your rosacea skin type from the Order page information that you provide. Also, each letter will answer for each rosacea patients your personal questions asked on the Rosacea-Ltd III order Form. These instructions depend solely on your skin's oiliness, sensitivity and severity of rosacea papules, adult acne pimples, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea spidery blood vessels, age, and present and past rosacea medications and treatments. All rosacea sufferers usually have a skin that is sensitive, burns, or heats up but to different rosacea stages. For extremely sensitive rosacea skin due to topical steroid use, photoderm, ocular rosacea, fragile skin conditions in women off estrogen replacement therapy or in more mature rosacea sufferers, Rosacea-Ltd still works wonderfully well as different directions are used.

The ingredients of Rosacea-Ltd III disks are: zinc oxide, magnesium stearate, sodium chloride, iron oxide, copper oxide, polyethylene glycol, and sulfur (sulfur is used externally only and not to be confused with sulfa which is taken internally only). These ingredients are compressed under pounds pressure into a very concentrated "smooth solid form" for easy application to the facial rosacea skin areas. And Rosacea-Ltd III will normally last 12 months.


A 12 month supply for $84.00 for Rosacea-Ltd includes shipping and handling to you.

Both a tan and a yellow/white Rosacea-Ltd III disk (see picture on left) will be sent to you. Together, they will normally provide 12 months of rosacea care. Rosacea-Ltd is discreetly packaged (see picture on right) for your privacy.

Rosacea Application ���

Rosacea-Ltd III has an unconditional 120-day, 100% refund. Simply return unused portion of Rosacea-Ltd & instruction letter.
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For our international rosacea customers who need the exchange rate, a helpful web page is:


All U.S. orders are mailed no later than the following business day by U.S. Priority Mail with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION TRACKING and are usually received within 2 to 3 postal days. International orders are mailed U.S. Global Priority Air Mail and are usually received within 4 to 5 postal days in Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Canadian deliveries usually take 5 to 8 postal days, and deliveries to other countries not mentioned usually take 5 to 12 postal days. If your package has not been received in the appropriate times listed above, please e-mail us and we will "track it" through the United States Postal computer system and notify you of the status of the order.

Leave the face wet after washing and apply Rosacea-Ltd III. By simply gliding the Rosacea-Ltd III over the affected areas, the ingredients are dissolved onto the affected areas leaving an invisible application that is not noticeable on the skin. Rosacea-Ltd III is not a "cover up cosmetic" as it is invisible on the skin but using Rosacea-Ltd III according to your customized directions will result in a visible difference in the appearance and condition of your skin. Rosacea-Ltd III has more than 99% undiluted natural ingredients with a pH of 7.0 (the pH balance of normal skin). Furthermore, Rosacea-Ltd III is free of any potentially irritating preservatives, such as methylparaben, propylparaben, and Quaternium-15, and contains no irritating fragrances.

Rosacea-Ltd III costs $84.00 which includes taxes and air postage throughout the world. Our guarantee is for four months or 120 days and our product lasts 12 months for the average person. The cost of Rosacea-Ltd III is very inexpensive in comparison to the annual cost that most rosacea sufferers incur even with insurance. Most physician's bills and pharmacy charges do not include a guarantee for a 100% refund if not happy for any reason.

Rosacea-Ltd III can be sold and mailed to any country of the world. We believe in our product so much that we offer an unconditional 120-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not see improvement in the appearance of your skin within 120 days, simply mail the unused portion back to us, via regular mail, and we will refund your money.


Most customers notice a change in the condition of their skin within a couple of weeks and always very noticeable changes well within two to three months after starting Rosacea-Ltd III. With rosacea, sometimes the picture tells the whole story as others see you. Many times we hear people say, "I didn't realize how red my face was till I saw a picture of myself." If you would like, send us a facial picture with your order by e-mail or US Mail. More importantly take a picture now of yourself so you can compare your rosacea skin in 2-3 months by taking an "after Rosacea-Ltd III" Picture. We believe you will be quite pleased at the difference. Rosacea-Ltd III is our third generation of the Rosacea-Ltd product line, with the light tan application used during the day (as shown in the picture) and the yellow/white application used at night (both versions are included in each order).


A United States patent for Rosacea-Ltd was issued in August 1997, a New Zealand patent was issued in September 1998, an Australian patent was received in March 1999, and patents were issued in November 2002 in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (including Liechtenstein), United Kingdom, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Albania, and Romania. Patents are pending in other countries according to the International Patent Cooperation Treaty.

If you are unable to find the answer to your rosacea questions, please e-mail us (and please place rosacea or Rosacea-Ltd III in the subject line to help us identify your e-mail as a non-spam e-mail as we receive hundreds per day) atbass.and.boney.inc@mindspring.com. We will answer your questions as soon as possible, usually within one business day. You may also call us Toll Free within the United States and Canada by dialing 1-877-942-2838 and outside of the United States by dialing 1-919-942-7735. Our office is located at 100 Europa Drive, Suite 161, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517 which is within the Research Triangle Park area of Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina. Research Triangle Park is the largest research center in the world and is known to Research Scientist as Science Central.

Symptoms that Mimic rosacea:
The many symptoms that mimic rosacea and the many skin conditions with symptoms similar to rosacea can make the diagnosis of rosacea difficult. Medications used in the treatment of acne can be too harsh or aggressive leading to the onset of rosacea or acne rosacea. Aggressive acne treatments to reduce oiliness of the skin can result in the flaking associated with seborrheic dermatitis. The butterfly rash of lupus can also lead to a mis-diagnosis of rosacea. Learning the difference between the symptoms of rosacea, eczema, acne, lupus and psoriasis is necessary to understanding your skin condition. It is possible for these skin conditions to co-exist making successful treatment a very difficult endeavor. Treating rosacea or other skin conditions need not involve an endless round of laser treatments and antibiotics, it can be as simple as modifying your lifestyle to include positive rosacea health and skin care habits. The treatment of rosacea or any skin condition must involve treatment of the whole body.

For more information on rosacea, rosacea treatments, and other related skin conditions, visit our Rosacea Reference